Affordable Studio Rates


Our rates include an engineer for a 10 Hour Day (typically 10am - 8pm) and includes access to our extensive instrument and microphone collection.  Producers and Freelance Engineers are always welcome, but a Trace Horse house engineer will be available on-site for all sessions.

Hourly Rate - $75 per hour (2 hour minimum)

EP or LP Packages

If you are in the process of planning an EP or LP release, we  can help you put together a realistic budget and schedule, so you can plan your release with confidence.  If needed, we can also hire studio musicians for your song, EP or LP. We are also happy to discuss photography and videos.  Call us to arrange a time to come by the studio to discuss your next Single, EP or LP.

Rap Singles or Rap EP Packages

If you have your own beats and want a professionally recorded, mixed and mastered song, we offer a “Rap Single“ price of $225 per song. If you would like to record a 5 or 6 song EP, call us to discuss a package price. We strongly encourage you to make sure your beat track is a 24 bit .WAV file. We CAN work with .mp3 files but the recording will sound better if you bring us a 24 bit .WAV file.

"A" Room Mix Rates

$450/day or $75/hour


"B" Room Mix Rates


Additional Services

Live Performance Video


Lip Synch Video Package (Call)

3 Hour Minimum (Includes Trace Horse Professional Lighting Package)


$75 for a single song

Please contact for EP or Album mastering rates

Analog Tape Baking, Transferring, & Erasing


Studio Musicians

We have access to a multitude of talented

musicians to help your project be the best it can.