We want your session to be fun and run as smoothly as possible. Please take a moment to review the information below.  We have found it to be very useful for making the most out of your upcoming session.


Studio Layout - Key Info

Session Planning:

1) How many songs do you want to record? How many musicians and what instruments will be played on your song(s) ? Do you plan on having the musicians all perform at the same time?

2) Will you be recording drums? If so, will you be using our 1967 Ludwig Kit or will your drummer be bringing their own drums? 

3) Our super-affordable day rate provides access to ALL instruments, amps, pedals etc...and  is based on a 10hr work day. Our normal full-day  session starts at 10am and ends at 8pm, including a short lunch break. For multi-day sessions, we can adjust the start time, but we still adhere to a 10hr day. If you require different session hours, please discuss in advance of booking your session.


Yamaha U3 Upright Piano

Piano Tuning

If you plan on using our great sounding Yamaha U3 Upright Piano during your session, we strongly encourage you to have the piano tuned for your session.  We can often have the piano tuned on the same day of your session. Seale Keyworks in Franklin regularly tunes our piano and the fee to have the piano tuned is $100.  This is an additional charge to our day rate.


Setup Sheet

Setup Sheet

Trace Horse Studio is regularly booked by Freelance Engineers & Producers.  We have created an Excel spreadsheet to assist with pre-session details such as microphone, pre-amp and outboard gear selection.  The link below will take you to Drop Box . Note: there are 2 sheets.