Nashville Recording Studio

In the days before cars & trucks, "Trace Horses" were big, strong horses like Clydesdale’s that would be hitched to another "team" of horses to help them pull a heavy wagon-load of coal, bricks  or supplies up a steep hill. 


Trace Horse "Jack"

One of the most famous Trace Horses was Trace Horse "Jack" who was stationed at the bottom of Wimbley Hill in London.  We like to think of our Trace Horse team as helping artists, freelance engineers and producers "pull their loads" up the hill of the record-making process.    


Our Team...

Trace Horse House Engineers, Scottie Prudhoe & Preston Cochran sprang from the same Richmond VA Indie Music Community that spawned GWAR, Sparklehorse, House-of-Freaks  and more recently Lucy Dacus and Natalie Prass.  Lucy's critically acclaimed 2018 record "Historian" was recorded at Trace Horse. 

As artists themselves, Scottie  & Preston have a deep passion for helping artists, engineers and producers achieve "their" individual vision for each recording project.  They take enormous pride in helping bring  songs to life in a fun, non-stressful, creative space.  Hit us up  via email, FB or IG to arrange a studio tour and to meet Scottie & Preston.  They'd love to hear some of your music!


Our Studio...

When we built Trace Horse, our goals were to offer a World Class Recording Space at super affordable rates for indie musicians.  The heart and soul of the studio is our one-of-a-kind custom Neve 8014 console. Prior to coming to Trace Horse, it was owned by Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins. 

In addition to our Neves, we have an extensive list of carefully selected outboard gear, instruments, amplifiers & microphones.  We also have a killer sounding MCI 2 inch 16 Track Tape Machine.  Lastly, Dave Mattingly who designed Dan Auerbach's Easy Eyes Studio and Jack Whites Third Man's Detroit Studio provided all the acoustic design and construction at Trace Horse, so our rooms sound fantastic.